Shrove Tuesday Carnival

The tradition of Shrove Tuesday Carnival in Drniš dates from the year 1780, when town's keys were for the first time vested to the Carnival Master and the masked crowd. The culmination of the Carnival includes the staged public trial on the town’s main square, Poljana. The defendant is a puppet named Krnjo, mascot of the Carnival, who is accused for all problems that occur in the town area during the year. As always, Krnjo is found guilty on all charges and, as a punishment for his misdeeds, the masked crowd burns him down on the bridge over the Čikola River. Having punished the main culprit for all the town’s troubles, the masked crowd returns to the main square - where prizes for the best masks are awarded and the carnival party continues till late hours.


This religious and cultural event occurs every year right before Holy Week, in the Parish church Our Lady of the Rosary, where a number of commemorative music and art programs take place with the aim to commemorate the suffering (The Passion) of Jesus Christ. Local performers and guest artists perform passion programs from all over Croatia and wider.


Easter breakfast at Poljana, the main Drniš square, is a real treat for the locals and their guests. Ham, cheese, bacon, wine, traditional Easter cake, minnows and many other delicacies make Easter breakfast rich and sumptuous gastronomic experience.


ProminaTrek race is held in the spring on hiking trails of Promina Mountain and gathers a large number of participants, amateurs and professional mountaineers from Croatia and neighboring countries. It is based on the promotion of physical activity, recreation and healthier life-style, as well as on the promotion of environmental awareness and enjoyment in natural beauties. The race organizer is Mountaineering Association Promina. 


This event marks the memory of 21st June 1992 when the seven villages of Miljevci were liberated from occupation during the Croatian Independence War. Visiting Miljevačke užance (Miljevci amenities) means enjoying in the richness of national folk costumes, folk tunes and other cultural and entertainment events such as indoor soccer tournament in which war veterans as well as children take part.


The festival organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the City of Drniš is held in June, on Poljana, the main Drniš square. The aim of the event is to promote the production of cheese making and encourage branding indigenous and traditional cheeses. Since 2009, when the first festival of cheese was organized, exhibitors from Croatia and neighboring countries gather in Drniš. Along with cheese, producers of other agricultural products (ham, honey, wine, oil, etc.) exhibit their products, as well as souvenirs. The exhibition is complemented with cultural- entertaining programs.


The manifestation starts in July and ends in August. The opening of Drniš summer evenings is celebrated by a soccer tournament in honor of St. Roch, the towns’ protector. Along with numerous theatrical performances, art colonies, literary readings, concerts, exhibitions and other events, one of the most important events is the pilgrimage to the island Visovac on the feast of Our Lady of the Angels (August 2nd). The finale of the manifestation is organized for the feast of St. Roch, on August 16th, and the central celebration abounds with cultural, artistic and entertaining programs.


Drniš prosciutto is a widely known gastro brand of this area, and Drniš inhabitants are particularly proud of their prosciutto. The high quality of this product was the reason for Drniš to start the tradition and host the International prosciutto festival. The objective of this manifestation is to enrich the tourist offer of the wider Drniš area, to promote entrepreneurship as well as traditional crafts and local products and gastronomic specialties with an emphasis on biggest local gastronomic brand - prosciutto. The two-day festival is full of cultural and entertainment programs and it's also an opportunity to taste smoked ham, not only from Drniš, but also from other parts of Croatia and wider. 


In the church of Our Lady of the Rosary, in late October a Choral Festival of Spiritual Music "Jubilate Deo" is held. Six amateur choirs present their repertoires each year. This event enriches the cultural offer of the city, stimulates the activity and quality development of choral singing. The organizers of this event are Open University Drniš, City choir "Neuma" and the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary.


The year-round effort and work of growers and winemakers is awarded during the St. Martins’ Fest which is traditionally held in Drniš since 2003, in the organization of Open University Drniš. Year after year, the quality of wines that compete for prestigious awards is increasing, the spirit of competition among winemakers grows and visitors enjoy quality vines.