Flora and fauna of Drniš area, which includes the Krka National Park and the Čikola Canyon as an area of protected natural values, is very rich in endemic species.
By its richness (221 species) and structure, fauna of the area around Krka River is one of the most important ornithological reserves in Croatia, and ranks among the most valuable ornithological areas in Europe. The canyons of Krka and Čikola are home for many rare and endangered species of birds including the golden eagle, falcons, owls, swallows and wetland birds such as wild ducks and geese. In the freshwater part of the Krka there are 17 species of fish, of which seven are endemic. One of the four species of trout inhabits only Krka waters is named "Salmothymus obtusirostris krkensis".

Among amphibians in this area newts, red and green frog Gubavica are common, while among the reptiles stand out the large lizard, snake lizard, turtle and tortoise snakes of which the most known is viper (Vipera ammodytes). The mammal fauna of the region include stone marten, badger, jackal and wolf.

Due to centuries of human impact, forests in the area were largely destroyed. In recent decades, due to lumbering restrictions, the process of renewal of vegetation is visible. Vegetation consists of about 800 plant species, including several endemic Illyrian-Adriatic species.

Oak, holly and mastic tree, hornbeam, ash and maple are common in forests. Lower vegetation consists of shrubs from the family of heather, juniper, brambles and the like. On the rocky grasslands Bee Orchid – endangered and strictly protected - can still be seen. Let us mention two perhaps best known plant species that thrive in this area: fig and olive.