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Promina Mountain, with its highest peak Čavnovka at 1147 m above sea level and with its 10 kilometers in length, dominates Drniš area. It is not necessary to get to the top of the mountain to enjoy the view on the sea and beautiful Šibenik archipelago and Kornati islands, during sunny days. Several marked hiking trails lead to the top of the mountain and to the mountain lodge located at 855 meters above sea level. It is also possible to access the top following the dirt road with off-road vehicle, or by bike.

The name of the mountain comes from the word Promona, which was the name of an ancient Liburna city, taken by the Delmati tribes in the 4th century B.C. With its numerous springs, mineral resources, fossil remains, pine forests and attractive stone walls and stone fences, Promina was the subject of geological and scientific studies even during the Habsburg Monarchy.