Na temelju preporuke Ministarstva turizma od 17.03.2020. godine zatvara se ured Turističke zajednice Grada Drniša do daljnjega. Za sve upite, zainteresirani se mogu javiti na e-mail: ili na broj mobitela: + 385 95 968 0420.

If you wish to feel a real adrenaline rush and at the same time see the Čikola canyon from a birds’ perspective - zip line ride over the canyon is a unique opportunity for you.

Attractive zip line in the Čikola river canyon is located approximately 10 kilometers from Drniš, along the county road Pakovo selo - Ključ, and the zip line construction holds three separate lines in total length over 1400 meters.

This is a kind of entertainment where visitors descend through the canyon down the steel cable secured with a belt. The whole adventure includes training by instructors. It is interesting to note that this form of green adrenaline attraction evolved from the way in which once upon a time cargo was transferred over a canyon.

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